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Website Hosting Difference between Shared and Dedicated Servers

As we all know, Web hosting is a service that allows the user to place its website on the internet for the public or private viewing. Before choosing web hosting the user has to first decide the domain name and has registered it too. User has three options possible for choosing a web hosting service that a web host can offer.

They are virtual private server hosting, shared web hosting and dedicated server hosting. These are classified on the basis of the amount of control the user wants to have and degree of the responsibility that the user must share for the smooth and consistent running of their website. Now, strictly talking of Shared server hosting and dedicated server hosting. Shared Web Hosting As the name suggest, in shared web hosting many small users upload their website on and run them on same shared server. This is mainly opted by beginners, individuals, and small business and even by organizations.

All have very little or low requirement of bandwidth and disk space. This is used when user don't expect much traffic to flow inn. In shared web server hosting the whole, maintenance of server and organization of server, software installation, security updates etc is managed by website host provider and they are accountable for this too. They use software like Direct Admin, Helm etc as control panels for the overall governance of the server. Most of the shared web server work for Linux OS only as it has got maximum compatible control panels in the market. Few web host providers also provide FreeBSD or Microsoft Windows platform too.

The best part of this type of service is that it is in great number and so is cheaper too. Not many web hosting service providers are able to provide full facilities of windows web hosting. It can be carried out in either of the two methods i.e. name based or IP based hosting. In name based hosting, many names can be used under single IP whereas, in IP based there is dedicated IP for each website.

Dedicated Web Hosting As the name suggest, in dedicated web hosting each website is given dedicated web server, no other website can share this under any case. It is used when a user expects to get huge traffic. It has much greater bandwidth then the shared one so is able to handle traffic with much ease. This is also required if you need to have complex app, secure information and customized option in your website.

The dedicated server type hosting allows the user to have 100% control with 100% responsibility to run their website smooth and consistent performance of their website. Due to this reason this type of web hosting requires proper management to monitor and rectify any problem immediately. This type of hosting can be chosen by a professional who needs to have a full control, by big organizations or by the user having commercial website to upload.

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