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Podcasting Trend
by Matt Bacak

Podcasting has all the ingredients to become a major technology trend. Podcasting has started with little fanfare but has the potential to become a giant wave due to a number of factors going for it. The word Podcast might have been roughly derived from iPod and broadcast (it sure sounds like that to me so don’t hit me if I am wrong! ). [ Read More ]

Podcasts - Personal Radio For the Masses
by D. L. Randolph

Podcasts are literally ways the ordinary average person can have their own broadcast media. What makes Podcasts different from other types of audio content is the users must use RSS protocol. However, it also allows you to produce and create your own self-published radio-type shows. [ Read More ]

Anatomy of a Podcast - The Explore Your Voice Show
by Michael Oliphant

If you have not heard about podcasting yet then it's time to throw away all those useless SEO ebooks and make a start. Of all the techniques I have used to build traffic and customers to my sites this one is by far the best. By a mile.

Podcasting (a term coined by Adam Curry) is the business of attaching an audio file, usually an mp3, to an RSS feed. An RSS feed is a simple XML file that lists the content on a site. That content might be articles or news items or perhaps a chat show. It is invaluable in promoting your content if you have a website and equally useful for finding content when you are surfing. [ Read More ]

Podcasting - What You Don't Know Could Hurt Your Business
by Steve Humphrey

If you've been online recently, I'm sure you've heard about podcasting. You might be wondering "What's in it for me?" Or perhaps "Why should I care about that?" There are many valid reasons for you to get informed about this hot new technology. [ Read More ]