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Understanding Plesk based control panel for web hosting

Plesk control panel is worldwide popular among top hosting providers for shared, virtual and dedicated hosting. Plesk can be considered as a web site control panel that facilitates installation and managing of necessary tools for the windows web hosting. It is ideal for a dedicated server. Pleask control panel is perfect for a window based web hosting. It includes all the required tools that a user requires to operate his or her internet activity.

Plesk is the most reliable and stable control panel that is available for windows based web hosting. A Plesk based control panel, simplifies the management and administration of websites. A Plesk control panel allows you to create sub domains, manage sites of dynamic content with new site builder, manage dedicated IPS, create standard or frame- forwarding domains, manage SSL certificate for domains. You will also be able to create and manage email, email groups and auto responders.

Plesk control also gives you the benefit of managing web sites files by using File Manager or managing site by means of Frontpage web- Admin. With the help of Plesk, you can also monitor the bandwidth usage of a website. Plesk based control panel system provides hosting automation facility. Plesk control panel reduces operating costs and resources by automating a large number of tasks. Plesk has basically four levels of login and these level login have their own responsibilities and role play.

They are explained as follows: 1) Administrator: This is considered to be the highest server level login and it allows web hosting administrators to set up and manage the system items. With the help of Plesk , one can centrally manage the multiple servers with the master level login. 2) Client: This is the second level login account through which the users get domain creation rights from the system administrator. 3) Domain owner: This is a third level type of domain owner account.

Here predetermined permission is granted for single domain administration. 4) Mail user : It is the fourth level of individual mail account. It allows the user to log into their own private access and manage passwords, spam filters, be able to deal with anti-virus settings etc. Plesk is actually made for professional hosting service providers.

Plesk control panel can be considered as an efficient server management software. Plesk is designed in such a way as a result, it provides great stability and it is the most secured type of control panel that is available. Plesk has the capability of supporting thousands of accounts per server, thus making more profits.

The existing security features of Plesk control panel has improved and it contains new security measures too. Plesk control panel users can enjoy more benefits with regard to Parallel Business Automation. He customized based system provided within the Plesk control panel can easily integrate applications such as Ecommerce, chat and Bulletin Board too. With so much of new enhancements, the Plesk based control panel can efficiently manage through features like auto-component updater, migration manager and a web-based installation facility.

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