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Toys Should you Sell New or Used on Ebay

Selling new toys on E-bay can be exciting, especially during the holiday season. But it is a game you may win or lose. Some toys will not even make it for retail price, while others will triple the retail price before the auction closes.

An item that sells great this week, may not necessarily be a good item to sell next week. Stock on the retail shelves is a good indicator if the item will sell or not. Even that can change day to day, what is there today, may be gone tomorrow. It really is a tough game to play; you must have a strategy.

The upside to selling new toys is that you will have less risk. If the item doesnt sell, you can simply return it to the store for your purchase price. You can shop around online and call the store ahead of time to see if they have the item you are looking for. You can also buy multiple items this week, giving you less hassle, and less time will be needed to list the items for auction. Some stores may even give a discount for buying the item online.

Remember time saved is money saved. You have to be quick on your feet and know when to list the item for the best return on your investment.

The downside to selling new toys is that what is hot item today wont necessarily be a hot item tomorrow. You also will have a lower profit margin.

This is not the case if the item is out of stock or hard to find. In general though, the profit of the sale is very low. If you think the item will be a hard to find item during the holiday season and can afford to get the item and hold it, by all means do so.

Keep an eye on hot selling items on E-bay by checking the most popular searches in that category and then keep an eye out for discounts on those items.

Selling used toys is your second option. The profit margins on these items in general are much greater than when you sell new. It can be difficult to find used toys that are selling well, so you really need to do your research and see what is selling well. I should also mention that used toys usually are not likely to increase in availability, so they do not fluctuate from hot item to dud item as often.

If you know what to look for, you will be ahead of the game. Knowledge is power when it comes to find the next successful auction.

The upside to selling used items is that in general your return on investment will be much greater because you paid a lot less than if the item was new. Used items tend to keep their value for a greater length of time.

You can find items and create a theme, rather than one specific item. Items sold together tend to give a greater profit than those sold separately. An item purchased for one dollar and turns into an auction flop is much easier to handle on the budget.

On the other hand that little one dollar investment could yield a thirty dollar closing bid.

The downside is that it is difficult to find inventory. You have to be in the right place at the right time.

Finding inventory also is dependent on when people are ready to get rid of the item. If you have a general idea of what to look for; your search will be much simpler. Before going on a search, you have to know what you are looking for, it is not possible to do the task blindly and hope to stumble upon the next hot auction item. If you buy the item at a garage sale, obviously you will not be able to return the time, so you need to know you are buying the right item. Second hand shops in general will offer a return policy on purchased items.

There are definitely benefits to selling both new and used toys on E-bay. However, the best resource to search for what items will sell good for you is E-bay itself. Take some time to research the site and look at some items to see what is selling well.

The Summer Toy Guide is designed to bring you some of this research. We realize not everyone has the time to research, let us bring the information directly to you. Hurry, the guide is only available until June 30th, and then it will no longer be available.


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