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The types of free webhosting services

The types of free webhosting services There are plenty of reasons for using free webhosting service and setting up a free website, but there are so many different types of free webhosting to choose from, it may become quite overwhelming as you search the limitless possibilities. First of all let's take a look at what free web sites really are and what you can do with them. Free web sites are pages on the server of a hosting company and they will offer you a section for your own website for free.

These free webhosting options offer you a choice of various templates that will allow you to set up a website and maintain it on your own. Basically you are the web master. You can use this for personal family sites and communication within networks and agencies, and you can even list photos, products and more. The way this works is that you will receive a sub domain on the main server, so you can create a website called myname.thehost.com for example.

If you do want to have a specific website name without another company name behind it, then you can also get free domains. This will allow you to have a co.tl domain, co.cc, or .

name. If you want a .com domain or something more familiar then you will have to register your domain name. You can then forward the new domain to your sub domain and it will mask the old long name.

Using free webhosting is also a great way to make a business website when you are just starting out and have no capital. You can do basically anything on some of the free web sites and this means you can add modules and software like shopping carts, polls, photo galleries, RSS feeds and much more. They include various amounts of page links and some of them even have unlimited bandwidth which is wonderful for online shopping sites.

Setting up a free website is also easy because many of the free webhosting companies offer support so that you can figure out how the site builders work. You get basic editors for your website content, and you can get more advanced ones which will give you a more professional site. Then you get the types of free webhosting plans. You can get free webhosting plans that are trials to see if you like the hosting with an option to pay after a certain period of time, some will require you to register to post on their forum in exchange for setting up a free website, some will place text links, ads, pop ups, and banners on your site, because this is how they make their money.

You then get the free web sites that are quick and easy to set up and that require no forced ads. This is the optimum option for small businesses. Beware, however, that some of these sites offer very little protection from hackers and server abuse, so don't put any personal details on the site or banking details.

Using free webhosting is a way for companies to offer a much sought after service and they make their money from advertising methods or by getting a service from you in return.

Adam drake is author of this article on Free Web Hosting. Find more information about Free Web Hosting here.


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