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The Four Basic Methods of Getting Links

Have you ever read that if you post great content and offer valuable information that the readers will come? It's nonsense! How many times have you had to search all the way to page 18 to find exactly what you are looking for? It's happened to me countless times. I find great information twenty pages deep in the serps. Now, if it was all about posting great information and providing value to your potential visitors, then why is it that sometimes the information we search for is listed on page twenty or thirty? Links. Without links your site will never be discovered. Posting great content is a good thing but by itself it wont bring in visitors.

In order to get visitors you need to rank for at least something in the serps. Yes you can drum up traffic with social networking and social bookmarking but targeted traffic comes from the search engines. In order to be listed on page one of the results you need links to go along with that valuable information you provide. For those of you who have a basic understanding of the internet and seo in general, I am going to go over the four basic ways of getting links to your site. There are lots of other ways to get links and some of them are pretty advanced techniques that require you to be well versed with all kinds of techie aspects of the game.

I'm going to leave alone those advanced techniques as most of us just aren't experts. The first of the four basic ways to get links is from commenting on blogs. This is a good way to get some quick links. Usually, in my experience, links from blog comments get counted pretty quickly. The problem with this method is the time it takes. If you want to leave valuable comments then it takes time to think it out and type it.

Not only that but lots of bloggers will delete your links if you leave an anchored keyword. None-the-less this is a great way to cherry pick some high page rank links. The second method is social bookmarking. Bookmarking sites have become a popular trend hence the rise in new social bookmarking sites. These sites are where you can share your favorite bookmarks with other enthusiastic bloggers and bookmarkers.

It's all about sharing information. But for me it's about links! Just create accounts at all of the bookmarking sites you can and bookmark your own pages and sites. The benefit to this method is that you can get tons of anchored links this way. This is why Bookmarking Demon has become such an incredibly popular tool. The downside to this method is that it takes a long time to actually get all your links counted by google. The third method is article submission.

This is one of the most effective link strategies of all. You simply write articles or purchase them, and then in the resource box of the article you can post your links. Lots of article directories accept three links in the resource box. Talk about a way to get some links! This is semi viral in nature as other webmasters will download your articles from these directories and post them on their sites -with your links included.

The downside to this is the time it takes to submit your articles to hundreds of directories. You might want to pick up an article submitter. One of the best is articles submitter platinum. Some folks use Article Marketer which is a paid service.

I stay away from recurring fees. The fourth method is directory submission. Find a list of directories to submit your site to and submit like crazy. The benefit to this method is that almost all of the links are do follow. I've seen many top ranking sites where the links structure is based almost entirely on directory submissions. It takes a lot of time to submit to hundreds of directories but it's worth it.

Again, there is software available to help automate the process. So, those are the four basic methods of getting links. All of them are necessary in my book in order to have a natural and sound link structure.

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