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The Evolution towards Myspacecom

Since the dawn of the internet, people have been trying to communicate with people faster and better. At first all we just wanted to talk to someone we know but chat or email. We go an extra mile to create an e-mail and since we're really neophytes in the internet, we may take sometime to create an account and from there we may be able to send and receive e-mail with our friends. Now there's a better alternative to sending snail mail; its faster and definitely cheaper. But then we don't want to create an e-mail, review and send them all over again and wait for someone to respond and do the process all over again.

It's becoming a tiring process that we wanted something faster. Chat was then invented. Instead of logging in and sending an e-mail and then wait for a response, it has now become faster for us to talk in real time by keying in the message that they want to use.

Using the same software, you can easily communicate to the person you wanted to talk to. Then it continued to voice, sending files, and currently is video calls. Instead of just keying in the words that we wanted to tell them, we can now talk to them directly and even see their reactions in real time.

At the same time, something is also brewing in the world of internet. Aside from the sites that we can visit, there's now the idea that we don't just talk to the people online that we know, why don't we increase our friends and the people we know online? We can do this by chat but people wanted to express their opinion and like more. They wanted a website that can really tell who they are. They wanted something of their own, they wanted space.

Thus myspace.com is born. Most of the members of this community are from this country. It's just proper that in our country, the only thing that we need right now when everything is getting to complicated or crazy, we look for our own space. Some can literally go for a leisure time but there are people who even get lonelier when they realize that after all the time and space they have in the real world, they can't find a single soul who is interested in this place.

Luckily you can use the internet and look for people who have the same problem that you would like. Thus social networking is born. But don't think that only people that doesn't have anything good to do only uses MySpace.com. Everyday there are thousands of people that are joining the community looking for friends.

Because the website is really easy to use and signing up for this website is relatively easy, we can now connect to millions of people in other parts of the globe. The evolution of simple plan ideas of creating really long email to the ability go talk for persons live has become the precursor of creating a something better, a social networking website and Myspace.com is one if not the best site there is.

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