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Testimonials Will Boost Your Sales

E-books are quickly becoming a dime a dozen. If you would like to make a profit with one of your e-books, you will need to set your e-book apart from all the rest. One of the easiest ways to do this is through positive recommendations and reviews.

People are more likely to buy a product, especially a new product, if it comes highly rated and recommended. If you would like to know how product reviews and recommendations can help you, you are urged to read on. A number of helpful tips are outlined below. As it was mentioned above, there are a number of different ways that product reviews and recommendations can help you. It was also mentioned that e-books are becoming a dime a dozen. Essentially, this means that there are so many e-books available for sale; it is often difficult to make a sale.

With so much competition it is hard for even with one of the greatest e-books ever written. Getting reviews or recommendations from your previous customers, which are also referred to as testimonials, may help increase your sales. Positive testimonials help to create a name for yourself; a good name.

They can also create a sense of trust; trust that many consumers go searching for before making an online purchase, even an e-book purchase. Although it is important to know just how helpful customer testimonials are and how they can help you, you may also be wondering about getting them. There are many e-book authors who mistakenly believe that they have to sell their product first, before receiving any customer testimonials or reviews.

This isn't the truth. If you are looking to boost the appearance of your e-book, through customer testimonials, you may want to think about giving your e-book away in exchange for reviews. It is a known fact that many consumers love free products, even free e-books. You will also find that many would be more than willing to give your e-book a positive review, just for receiving it free of charge. You can often find these individuals on online forums. Once you have a collection of customer testimonials, it is important that you put them to good use.

In fact, you will want to make sure that you use them to the best of your ability. Not only will you want to display your customer testimonials on your webpage or your e-book sales page, but you will want to take it a step further. It may be a good idea to use customer quotes in a press release or even in a newsletter that you send out to other internet users. To effectively help you increase your sales, customer testimonials need to be seen and prominently displayed.

Speaking of being displayed, there are also a number of different ways that you can have your customer testimonials displayed. The most common form of customer testimonials, even for e-books, is in printed format, like a small paragraph. Of course, this is okay to do this, but you may want to take it a step further.

If it is at all possible, you may want to think about having your customers give their testimonials in video format. This is relatively easy to do as many internet users have webcams. If you are unable to do a video format, you will at least want to include pictures with your written reviews or customer testimonials. Having a picture, even just a headshot, of the person who gave the review, puts a face to it.

This is something that many consumers search for. Although a picture really doesn't mean anything, it gives consumer a sense of trust, a feeling that it is a real, legitimate review. Customer testimonials are a great way to prove the quality your e-book and even increase the chances of it selling. One important thing that you always need to remember is change. You never want to edit or change your customer testimonials without permission.

In fact, changing your customer's testimonials may land you in hot water; hot water that may bring negative, unwanted publicity to you and your e-book.

Terry Detty finds press release distribution and search engine marketing software his passion. In addition to marketing, he enjoys reading and occasionally goes out for a short walk.  His latest interest is a newsearch engine marketing program he's been using.


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