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Succeed at your own pace with web development

It is better to understand the meaning of web development first. Web development encompasses a wide arena of activities concerned with the development of the website for the World Wide Web or the Intranet. This technique involves ecommerce business development, web design, client-side / server-side coding, web design etc. When a website is built, it involves several design as well as non-design aspects. For software professional, web development refers to the non-design aspects of developing a website. Web development has a wide range of activities and can serve the purpose of developing a single static page to complex web applications.

Web development requires tremendous technical proficiency, which is owned by skilled and dedicated software professionals. Web development has come a long way since its evolution. It is one of the rapidly growing industries in the world. The tremendous pace of growth of this sector can be attributed to those big corporate houses that intend to sell their products and services to their customers and also to the countless web designing and hosting companies operating all around the globe.

Web development has given rise to a revolutionary trend of internet applications via ecommerce solutions. Online transactions, shopping, banking etc are all so easy now due to ecommerce solutions. Apart from this, web development has also given rise to a new concept i.

e., blog. Web development has succeeded in extending into new modes of communication via open source content systems such as Typo3, Xoops etc.

Web development also deals with other important aspects such as security. Components such as data entry error checking through forms are worked upon only by web development. It should be clear that the professional who carries out all these tasks is known as web developer. A web developer is entrusted with other professional responsibilities such as graphic designing or web designing, copywriting, project management, quality assurance etc. The process of web development can well be compared to a pyramid.

Like a pyramid, it also has hierarchy and can be categorized into different domains such as:  Client side coding  CSS  XHTML  JavaScript  Flash  Server side coding  PHP and MySQL  Java  Python  Ruby With the ever expanding World Wide Web, people expect much more than just a visually appealing website. They wish to use the features offered by advanced web development. Advanced web development encompasses advanced web programming that aims at executing dynamic applications.

These applications fulfill the growing business needs of the client on the web. Advanced web development includes a vast domain of services such as:  Advanced portal development  Social networking websites, B2B/ B2C ecommerce solutions, content distribution portals etc  Interactive components  Integrity of interactive components for a better user experience.  Web-enabling legacy applications  Greater performance efficiency is ensured by this.

 Secure Intranets / Extranets  Corporate knowledge management, collaboration and decision support systems etc  Web-based database programming  Complex databases, distributed servers, database optimization etc.  Open source software integration  Advantages of scalability, flexibility, cost savings etc. Thus, we see that web development is an effective tool for online business that opens multiple revenue streams. So go ahead, make use of this advanced technology and reap huge dividends.

Smita, is the author of web development.She was inducted into the web development profession just two years back.


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