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Steps to Find a Best Hosting for your website

Web Designing and hosting plays an important role for your company's or product's promotion. As there are thousands of web hosting companies with all kinds of offerings, and lots of marketing traps that new webmasters may easily fall into. We have seen lots of webmasters moving from one web host to another since they started getting their website online, and it generally takes a few rounds before they can finally settle down with a web host. If you just start trying different service providers paying $60-$150 per year, this trial and error approach is costly, as most of the time that should be used to focus in the website development, is being occupied by these repeating task of moving and checking of new web host. A smart webmaster that have made the correct choice initially may have already seeing some success in the website since time is spent wisely on building traffic for the website instead of busy moving it from one web host to another. How can we minimize the error of making the wrong choice of web hosting provider initially? Well, here is a simple three step approach that can help any webmaster to find the web host that fits.

Some webmasters are considering cost only; they generally ignore band width and other factors like service. Let's list them up now: 1. Cost 2. Band width 3. Services (call centers) 4.

Domain registration. 5 Different file extension support. Actually one should start from setting one's priorty.You need to understand what you really need before searching for any web host, take a piece of paper and list down your own expectations from your soon to be web hosting partner, for example, since you are new to everything, you would prefer to have a much more friendly and patience, dedicated support staff that can guide you along while you are setting up your website etc. List down as much as possible so that you understand what you really want from your web host, this is important step as most people tends to skip this process and ended up in the trial and error approach mentioned earlier. Don't be surprise if you are getting some not so popular web hosting companies from advanced webmasters, there are lots of good web hosting providers that do not conduct massive marketing campaign or offer bulk resources hosting plans with cheap rates, these good web hosts grow their business through word of mouth, and most of them have clients that has been hosting with them for years.

These are the web hosting provider that you should be partnering with if you are serious about building your website to a success, chasing after the cheapest plan is not a good or long term option. Personally check and verify shortlisted web host before commit Take out the long list of questions you have done up in step one, and send them to each of the shortlisted web host, then carefully go through the responses, you'll be surprise you can still able to filter out some of them, particularly those that is providing 'canned replies' those that do not provide the answer that is up to your expectations, and identify the one that you are feeling most comfortable hosting with. Bare in mind that your web hosting provider is an important business partner of yours, and it does contribute to the success of your website in one way or another if chosen wisely. Finally we recommend following service providers for your requirements: For cheap domain and hosting services we always recommend www.hostingmug.

com. They are offering 15000 Mb space for as low as $3.99/month.

They are offering 300Gb of Band width enough for 30000 visitors per day.They are offering 3 call centers at UK, USA and Australia for best support.

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