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Simple way to save video clip

Slow internet connection is one the reason that discourages a lot user from watching video clip from site such as YouTube, Video Google and many others. You will have to patiently watch clip that stop and resume many times or give it up all together - what a waste of time. YouTube, DailyMotion, Break and many others are free online video streaming sites that allows users to view and share videos but it does not support video downloads. Then why don't you save the clip in your local hard drive by using the open source tool from www.keepvid.

com. Once the video clip is saved in your hard drive, you can watch it as many times as you wish even with no internet connection. Let try it.

When you are at the video clip, just copy the link then paste this link into "Download videos DIRECT ?." bar on www.keepvid.com site then follows the steps to download the video clip. - Download for Fire Fox ? Tools - Options - Main Tab ? Select "Always ask me where to save files" ? Click - OKDownload file: ? Click on - Download Link ? Select "Save to Disk" - Click on OK ? Select your folder for this default ? get_video - file name in which you should add .

FLV Extension ? Example : get_video - shoud be - get_video.flv - Download for Internet Explorer ? Click on - Download Link ? Click on - Save ? Select your folder for this default ? get_video ? file name in which you should add .FLV Extension ? Example : get_video - shoud be get_vdieo.flv - Once you download the video file, you can view them with a Flash Video Player. Simply open Flash Player, then drag your .

flv file into the Player window and enjoy! - You can get a free Flash Video Player at http://applian.com/flvplayer/?src=KeepvidPlay.

James Ng writes articles for www.101lives.com - Free Internet Movie, Television, Radio and Mobile TV. Further information written by the author about Download video, Save Video can be found at http://101lives.com/101Fan/2007/09/05/new-release-the-grudge-2/.


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