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SEO The Most Unnoticed Yet Important Marketing Strategy on the Internet

Today many businesses are turning towards having their own websites. Having an informative website or rather having a virtual presence on the www platform has become very common now a day. But then there comes a very vital question: what is the use of having a website if your potential customers can't find it. There are many different ways like email or banners or print ads to drive people or rather say Web Traffic to your website; but if you think more about this, there's no prominent way to score more online customers other than by spooling in people who tell what they are interested in, what information they want, request information on your website and visit you website at zero or rather say no advertising cost.

Then here is where the Search Engine Optimization comes into picture. Search engine Optimization and Search engine marketing is the low-cost and high-return tool for targeted advertising. And it's proven that one yields great rewards by adopting and utilizing this tool. I would rather say that there is no better way any body can challenge that can drive better traffic to your website.

It is proved that in b2c ecommerce models, online businesses have yielded more business than traditional brick and mortar ones. But the only way seen now to stand above in the crowd and stake your claim in the online industry is by employing the sound practices of search engine marketing. Today, many are adding-on their presence in this virtual business world. SEO is a tool that is affordable by all. And small players have started to compete with the big ones by using the smart moves of SEO.

People strive hard to get their websites to the top of Google's, Yahoo's, and MSN's search results. The best way is adding proper Title and Meta to each of the web pages of your website. You have to be very careful in defining your keywords and description. Try to have key-word oriented titles; and that is a simple and straight way to have your pages ranked higher for that keyword.

The Google algorithms consider this very much. Also important is on-page optimization where in you put Heading tags, Alter tags (to pictures and links), 'links' in the content wherever applicable, using images with low size, giving bold and italic styles to keywords and titles wherever applicable, etc. This is a very simple strategy which is overlooked by many who just simply have their websites ready. They just get satisfied with the look and feel and then soon get frustrated when they see no business from this investment. SEO helps your website - result into top "organic" search- rankings in the search engines and this doesn't cost you a thing. Also, other SEM activities which are commonly practiced by people are: submission of website URL into different search engines, online directories, submission of their articles into article sites, press-release into press-release sites, Blog- URL into Blog sites and getting into link-exchange with relevant sites.

These activities help a lot in getting more links throughout the World Wide Web network. And this ultimately helps for the boosting up of websites in the search engines with higher ranks. SEO is a powerful tool. As truly said by Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google: "Search is the ultimate expression of the power of the individual, using a computer, looking at the world, and finding exactly what they want.

" If you use this tool in a wise way, you simply add money to your business with more customers and more prospects.

Ghanshyam Shah is working as Research Analyst & Project Coordinator in offshore software development outsourcing & Website design & development company


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