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SearchBothcom Enter to a New Era of Internet Search

SearchBoth.com is introducing a new search type which facilitates the internet search at an extent. It's offering web users to select any two search engines from the search engines list and view them side by side.

Default setting is Yahoo.com and Google.com.

SearchBoth.com is a complete search engine which previously displays search results for both Google and Yahoo search side by side on a split screen has expanded its reach and now includes an option to display search results from other search engines. Users visiting to the website can choose results from major search engines which include Ask.com, MSN, Dogpile, Metacrawler, AltaVista, LookSmart and Websearch. Users can see, compare and then select the most suitable search results.

After the sudden disappearance of GahooYoogle, internet users are relay missing a common platform for both Google and Yahoo search results. So here is SearchBoth.com displaying results for both Google and Yahoo. Not only from these major search engines, SearchBoth.com also now includes the facility to display search results from two travel sites from 12 different travel sites included in the SearchBoth.com index.

These travel sites include Hotels.com, Expedia, Travelocity, HotWire, CheapTickets, SideStep, Kayak etc. It also facilitates the comparison of yellowpages.com and superpages.com. One has to enter the business name or category in the city zip and will be able to search the two most popular online yellow pages websites in the country.

YellowPages.com by AT&T and SuperPages.com by Verizon. Each of them has different results to show and one need to check both for top to bottom information. By all the above three major search facilities online SearchBoth.com is going to introduce latest search phenomena in the world of internet.

Multiple search engines searching are now possible in a single browser with SearchBoth.com. Prior to it DogPile was providing complied mixed results of all the major search engines. Unlike to DogPile, SearchBoth doesn't spit out all the results in a single stream.

Instead, one can compare results side by side.

SearchBoth.com cuts out the time and hassle involved in searching both Google and Yahoo at the same time.


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