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New Products with a bang

New Products with a bang The progress of a company is observed based on their reputation in the market and the number of new products they launch through the year. New product takes the design team back to the drawing board, to try to create something unique, original and intriguing. The whole process of product design and getting the design to the production team, and finally out in the market is a tedious process, one that involves a lot to research, time and attention to quality.

The product design is where new ideas and the concept are developed. Based on their current product line, and what their survey tells them from the market, they will come up with new ideas. Creating a product that will sell, and have mass appeal is what matters the most.

For example, if a company is into manufacturing vacuum cleaners, they will have to come up with innovative product design to make it more interesting for the public to look at it, and think about buying it. The product design team will have the ability to take the product from the inception stage till the time it is marketed in the retail stores or on websites. This applies to companies that are new and to those that have been around in the industry for a decade or longer.

It is essential to have a strong design team who can come up with new ideas, and think outside the box. Intellectual property is also applied in this initial stage, where product design involves copyright and patenting of the same. If this is not adhered to, there are chances of someone else copying the idea and launching a product exactly like yours in the market. You will then end up losing out on new customer base and have to work at coming up with better concepts. Be wary of competitors and unscrupulous employees who might sell you out.

The design is then processed, going through product development, where it is brought to life. The vacuum cleaner design is transferred from paper, onto plastic or other material that needs to be used. It is in this stage; the product is manufactured and tested for resistance and effectiveness. Quality check and inspection of the finished product is done without fail to make sure it has complied with all safety regulations.

Only when the green signal is given by the final inspection team, will the new product be launched into the market. As most of us have learnt in marketing, there are four P's which form the basis for any company to hold ground and remain unaffected. The first P being the product, which means the product that the company has been creating and working with needs to be one of a kind, if not at least the appearance, utility needs to be apart from the rest of the ones in the market.

This is the only way the product will sell, and as time goes, with advancement in technology and growth, new concepts will emerge.

Robert Adelman is the author of this article on product developement. Find more information about product design here.


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