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Every website you visit, every image and picture you look at, or every person you e-mail, all this information is stored somewhere on your PC. And no matter whether you cleared the history or not, these files are not completely removed from your hard drive. Clearing your history and emptying your recycle bin will make you think you have cleaned out all evidence, but all it will take to uncover your secrets is to browse through just a few of your window files. Besides this there are several programs, which will retrieve, what you thought was gone for good. This is where Internet Eraser software offers a helping hand. Internet Eraser Software is available at the optimum price and it is one of the best tools to protect your personal information such as social security number or other banking information.

In practice, whatever information is fed through keyboard is stored in the computer and hackers steal this particular information without your knowledge and therefore it is necessary to erase the personal information quickly so that the hacker does not get it. Internet Eraser software can be configured so that it quickly erases the information. Internet Eraser Software has many advantages and some of the features such as shredder feature, cookie manager, stealth mode, scheduling and emergency key are quite useful. Shredder feature is most popular and useful for retrieving deleted file from hard disk and cookie manager feature is quite capable to monitor the Internet activities.

Internet Erase Software available in the market supports all web browsers including Internet Explorer, AOL, Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape etc. This is especially important if you have viewed sites that you don't want others (spouse and/or kids) to view, or if you have been looking for a job and don't want your boss to know about, or if you downloaded illegal music and need to get rid of these tracks, or you simply do not want others to know about your activities. All of these concerns are very real reasons to use Internet eraser software, which will get rid of Internet history, typed in URLs, cookies, images, temporary as well as cache files, and more. So, if you really want to protect your privacy and don't want unauthorized access to your activities, spend a little time, effort and money and get hold of Internet eraser software and stay protected and private.

WebPcTools provides information and tools such as data shedeer software used to keep your PC performance at its best as well as to safekeep important files. Learn more about applications used for data recovery and file recovery due to hard drive problems.


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