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Improve Search Engine Rankings

The basic target of Search Engine Optimization is to improve Search Engine rankings for specific targeted keywords. SEO is not just making use of Meta tags, search engine submissions and directory submissions. You have to make sure to target the rankings of specific keywords so as to attract more traffic to your website. Lets understand the importance of Search Engine rankings with the help of an example.

Just imagine you have a website related to weight loss product. You are ranked 122nd for the keyword Weight Loss in the search results. On the other hand your competitor who is selling the same product as you is ranking 1st in the Search Engines for the same keyword Weight loss. Do you expect to get the same response as him as far as sales of the weight loss products are concerned? Well, I am afraid to say this but No. The website ranking One in the seach results on the Internet will receive far more visitors than your website.

At the most a visitor might check three search pages. No one is bothered to go to the 12th page to check your website. This is where you might struggle to get the best possible sales for your product. It hardly does matter if you are selling the most useful products on the web. It is the general public that you have to reach for so as to inform them about the existence of your website.

Tips to improve Search Engine rankings You need to make constant efforts so as to increase your keyword rankings on the Internet. Firstly you need to find out the competitive keywords related to your website. You can do so using an effective keyword search tool Overture. To start with make a list of competitive keywords you would like to target.

Write SEO optimized content using different keywords. The more information you provide on your website the higher are your chances of getting recognized in the Search Engine. Submissions of the website link to different Search Engines.

You need to submit your website to different Search sources on the web. This includes Google, MSN, Yahoo, DMOZ web directory, Exact and so on. Directory submissions to thousands of quality web directories. Directory Submissions will help to increase the back links of your website and thereby generate more traffic for related keywords. You need to constantly monitor your website rankings, perform a constant check on the updates of your competitors and accordingly analyze your website results.

Darren Dunner is the author of this article on Improve Search Engine Rankings. Find more information on the subject at www.the-content-writers.com


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