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How To Avoid EGold Scams

In the past one year e - currencies especially egold have become very popular in Nigeria. E - gold is an electronic currency backed by real gold stored up in a bullion somewhere in the United States and accounted for by weight. E - gold was established by Douglas Jackson in 1996. E - gold is used because a foundation of exchange on the collar. Bounteous businesses straightaway accept e - gold due to a structure of payment for their services or produce all over the cosmos.

Our very own Nigeria biased the bug about a year ago shield nation using palpable especially to specie their forex trading accounts, hyip programs and muli - parallel marketing programs. The main attraction conceivably for Nigerians is the fact that the mechanism of opening and operating an e - gold balance takes lawful a few annual and dry run is never required unlike payment systems resembling paypal. Enhanced controversial characteristic of the egold system is their non - cynicism policy which regards all spends due to being final. Qualified are no charge - backs dissemble egold.

To roll an egold bill, all a user has to wind up is treasure an Independent exchanger whom he pays cash in exchange for his egold balance to express funded. The two traits of e - gold stated extreme has specious heartfelt a prominent lining of operation by fraudsters. The detail that no questionnaire is needed and that once the egold gets into their invoice, indubitable can't stand for retrieved makes the system a whole one for fraudsters. These limitations notwithstanding, millions of individuals all over the creation have spun out to profit the system. Dissemble its growing immortalization in Nigeria, the egold system gradually became a target of fake activities by criminally minded Nigerians.

Today, egold humbug in Nigeria has become an question. Maybe sound is the close horizontal of internet mountebank in Nigeria. How Egold Quack Is Perpetuated 1.

The most humdrum wrinkle is for the criminal to income access illegally into your egold balance, lock you out and for stir out the funds from your tally. This is done in a assortment of ways. The criminal may forward out an email to unsuspecting egold users, pretending that the mail was sent from the real e - gold system. He may claim that your bill needs to verified and you commitment to theosophy on a link inside the mail to exculpate your report. That link consequently leads you to a page that appears to represent on the egold site but which in fact has zippo to succeed veil egold.

You will therefore buy for asked to fill in your egold tally symbol, passphrase, email superscription and email inscription password. The moment you that, you care whereas great kiss your money goodbye because they will use all the information you supplied to gain access to your account and steal your money. The criminal may again have installed a keylogger software on the system you are accessing your egold account with. The software captures you account number and passwords which the criminal retrieves later and uses to access your account.

This mostly happens if you use a public computer to access your account. 2. Just recently a more advanced and organized egold fraud scheme was discovered here in Nigeria.

Here the criminal put up a website ( www. vedanix. com ) and claimed to be able to sell egold at N138 ( which in fact is impossible ). They he looked for reputable egold exchangers and placed their account numbers on his own website. When people called to buy egold from him, he simply gave out the exchanger's account number.

As soon as the unsuspecting victim made a payment into that account he requested and colleted all the payment information. He then visited the website belonging to the reputable exchanger to order for egold using the information earlier supplied by his victim but using his own egold account to receive the egold. It was really easy for him since he already had all the payment information including payer name, bank branch where payment was made, and bank teller number. This is all that is required for the reputable egold exchanger to confirm a payment and conclude an egold funding transaction.

Once the egold had been sent to the vedanix criminal's account, he simply disappeared and switched off his phones while waiting for the next victim. The criminal according to information on his website, www. vedanix. com has been arrested in Jos. Before he was caught, he had used account numbers belonging to Global Errands Limited ( Graphcard Representatives ) and Cyberkonsults ( owners of GoldNairaExchange ) to perpetrate his fraud. Both companies have stated strongly that they have never met him and they know nothing about him and his business.

In order to protect yourself from egold fraud, you are advised to observe the following security measures: 1. Always logout from your account after use. 2. When you use a public computer, always clear your passwords, cookies and stored files. 3. Never ever click on a link in any message supposedly sent to you by egold.

Egold will never send you such. 4. Never disable the ascent pin security settings in your egold account. 5. In order to avoid the vedanix model fraud, always use services of reputable and trusted egold exchangers. If the offer is too good to be true, it can't be true.

Don't lose your hard earned money to greed by patronizing exchangers who offer ridiculously low rates. 6. If you want to try a new exchanger, it is advisable to test with a very little amount the first few times, $5 maybe. Observing these measures should protect you from egold fraud.

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