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How An Accountability Partner Can Immediately Increase Productivity For Your Online Business

Entrepreneurs, especially those who run an online home business or other small business, can experience an explosion in productivity for their enterprise by implementing a little known secret I have used to successfully help would-be authors write their books faster. The principles are the same when applied to internet marketing or marketing in general. Get an accountability partner. Every good president, general or CEO knows the value of a strong "second-in-command." This person is more than a sounding board or a "yes man," there only to unabashedly agree with everything said or done.

Smart leaders choose someone with the ability to step in, in the event that the chief becomes incapacitated or in other ways unable to complete the task(s) at hand. These are the qualities you want in your accountability partner. Not that he or she will be expected to do anything in your business, but a good accountability partner's loyalty and dedication to seeing your dream come true should rival yours. On a whim, I tried this first-hand for my business and immediately experienced a five-fold increase in productivity. A task that I thought I only had the time to do once per week, I found myself easily able to do five times a week or once every day.

I passed this tip alone to a business owner friend who in short order experience similar results. An accountability partner can be one of the most important assets you can have as an entrepreneur -- especially if you run an online business or do any type of internet marketing. However, choose carefully, because your accountability partner must make sure you stick to your commitment on a daily basis. Their responsibility includes, e-mailing you or talking to you by phone or in person every day to check the progress of your business or enterprise. This person should be gentle enough to keep you encouraged, but forceful enough to not be afraid to chastise you.

In other words, your accountability partner will "hold your feet to the fire" to make sure you keep moving forward. Believe me; this person is worth his or her weight in gold. Simply put, no matter what the "pie in the sky" evangelists say -- building a real business is not the easiest thing in the world to do. Plenty of times you will want to scratch the whole idea.

Your accountability partner serves as your cheerleader, telling you, "We have spirit, yes we do!" and exhorting you on to "V.I.C.


," even when it seems like you are in the waning minutes of the game and you need to score 40 points to win. Always remember, games are played, one at a time. If you lose today, unless something tragically happens, the schedule continues tomorrow.

Television's Dr. Phil said, "Everyone wants to be a hero on Saturday. The big difference between winners and losers is that the winners work hard every day to do what it takes to win.

" If you fail to meet your goals today, you can start again tomorrow. However, losing seasons occur when in the end, you have lost more than you have won. You already know what you want to do and probably how to do it. Sometimes that extra push can get you to the next level. I told my accountability partner that just by knowing she could be on the phone the next time it rings, or that her email may be popping up in my in-box, encourages me to accomplish the daily goals I have set for myself.

I don't want to let her down or feel guilty -- so I make whatever I am supposed to do a priority. This alone helps me to break self-imposed barriers and limitations. What would happen to your business if you could just increase productivity two-fold? How about three-fold? I'm not talking about hiring extra employees either.

I'm talking about increasing your own productivity. Try this for 30 days. If you don't already use an accountability partner, find one today and see an immediate transformation in your business.

Marvin D. Cloud provides a self-publishing alternative at mybestseller.com. For a free writers' workbook and online marketing tips, go to http://mybestseller.com/html/marketing_tips.


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