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Got Questions About Private Label Rights Content

Normal content vs. PLR Content - What's the Difference? Normal content are the 15 500-word articles you hire Elance or Getacoder.com copywriters to do. Sometimes, you may write them yourself. PLR content is content created by one webpreneur for sale to other webpreneurs where you can do whatever you want with it based on whether it has rebranding rights, resell rights, or master rights.

What's the magical number in paying for PLR content? *Use the PLR Profit Formula* Article quality + Number of people sold Typically, PLR content with a 1000 person membership is grounds for concern. The more copies of PLR content sold, the more it will be used. However, keep in mind that the majority of buyers will NOT take action and publish these articles to their sites. Estimate that 70 to 80 percent of members (based on the ever changing webpreneur climate and those collecting articles for other purposes) will not follow through with their content.

But, you might be thinking "I have 100 PLR articles that I'd like rewritten into an e-book on healthcare and I'd also like these rewritten individually as well. I really, really, really cannot write. With all the hiring I have to do, PLR content doesn't seem cheap!" It really is. Many professional writers will rewrite content for as little as $1 per 400 words. Don't believe it? A project description by service provider 'Prince Projects' on Elance.

com that read: Hello all - I'm looking for a writer to rewrite approximately 500 400-500 word articles at $1 a piece to start. If everything goes well, I plan on awarding more articles. Subjects include real estate, internet marketing, health, finance, and more. Articles can be paid for on an ad-hoc basis if you wish (paid as you receive them through Paypal, Elance, etc.).

My main concern is securing a writer I can work with in the long term. Generated this response from 2 writers: Bidder Comments: Hi. I am experienced in writing articles, proofreading and re-writing pieces. I have written a number of articles and other copywriting material. I can turn around the articles quickly, whilst still providing a high level of work.

I would normally charge between $2-5 an article but I am willing to offer my services for $0.95 an article to yourselves. Bidder Comments: Hi, I'm ----, heading a multidisciplinary writing group with perfect feedbacks so far. Kindly spend a minute reading our profile and feedbacks. We are constantly doing article rewrites for some months now.

Although we usually charge US $2-3 for rewriting an article of 500 words, we are willing to do this at your price in the hope that it will be increased in our subsequent projects, if awarded. As you can see, the first writer actually LOWERED his price from $1 to 0.95 per article on a 100 rewrite project! *Many writers are known to lower their bids on Elance.com if subsequent work seems likely. Use this to your advantage.

* Since PLR articles have large portions of them which may be the same from article to article, how does that affect its placement into article directories? To start, article directory sites hate duplicate content. PLR articles are generally a no-no for them. The majority of PLR content people do not rewrite their articles. If they do, they rewrite small portions or rewrite the entire first paragraph at most. As a general rule, rewriting 50% to 60% of the article will have your content passed into the directories. How come this latest PLR site rejected me for membership? With the search engines intelligent crawls through the Web searching for duplicate content, PLR membership sites have to cap the number of members to maintain exclusivity.

Poorly rewritten content can get you banned from many article directory sites. As a general rule, you want as few people having access to your PLR articles as possible. However, lean with the ratios. A site that awards 200 articles to 2000 members is probably not going to affect you.

Plus, many members do nothing with their content. *Avoid unlimited PLR membership sites at all costs*.

Useful PLR needs to be smokin' hot and one-of-a-kind to help make your business grow. Get top-quality, fresh PLR and e-books at http://www.yescontentisking.com.


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