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Free Service To Short Your URL Address Block Spiders Cloak Email And Hide Affiliate ID

With a shorten URL people can keep it in their memory for a longer duration than remembering a 20 character long URL. It isn't over yet; people also notice the topic more easily as they can see the end of the URL with appropriate keywords. Online Marketers certainly find difficulty in promoting URLs with affiliate ID's as people do not click a link which they find to contain an affiliate ID.

Instead they directly go to the homepage by typing the URL so that you do not get a sale. Is this alright? No! This is where a short URL can prove to be a boon. It masks your affiliate link so that no one can see that it is an affiliate id. It is also a great way to put affiliate IDs in signature in different forums. If your forum has a character limit, then probably your long URL won't fit inside it.

So using a short URL will help you a lot in cutting down the characters which will allow you to use other options like bold, add color etc. Be creative with it : You can also sneak email addresses in websites. This wonderful website also accepts email addresses and can shorten it out. As you already know, spiders might index your email which may lead to unsolicited mails and spam, so this is another great point of this website. Do you wish to cloak an address? Clearly this can be done too. Many of the webmasters don't want visitors to find out a URL so they shorten it out with tube URL.

It can be great! Like a submission to mailto:name@mail.com, would appear as www.tubeurl.com/mailname . This can be a great benefit. Also, tube URL does not delete your shortened URL.

If it breaks the terms of services, then they shall delete your URL. So please ensure that you follow the TOS, to enjoy this wonderful service. Because this short URL script is free, you should take full advantage of it. We hope that you got many new ideas on how to benefit from this site.

It can help you get money indirectly, clean out your website and a lot more. But hey! Don't keep this secret with you. Please share it out to all others you know? help the Tube URL grow.

Nathan Berg is the author of Short URL. You can find more information at Shorten URL


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