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Fight that Spam with an Email Anti Spam

You may have probably encountered an increase in the number of junk mails in your email box. There are also some instances that you see the junk mails on your saved favorite news groups. With the increasing number of people doing small and illegal activities on the Internet, it has become a major problem for most Internet users. The best thing that you can do to lessen the problem on spam is by ignoring them. You should not respond on those ads, promotions or invitations that are shown on your mails. You should also know how to filter them out on your messages and report them to the providers.

There is actually a resolution passed to the U.S Congress about a bill against spam. Unfortunately, regardless of the win in the congress favoring the CAUCE in year 2000, spam is still very active on the Internet. An option you can do is to be a member of the CAUCE to continue the fight against a more convincing bill against spam. There are sites on the Internet that provide information on how to fight and prevent spam.

You should also do your part on fighting this spam so that your Internet use is convenient. How you will do it? Here are some tips on how you can fight and prevent spam. 1. Make sure that you report that spam provider and find out who to complain to. However, this may seem to be a little complicated because of the lesser chance of pointing out who the spam provider is.

To make it easier for you, you may complain to the provider of your Internet access. 2. You can determine the spam provider by finding out the domain name the spammer is using in sending the mails. You can do this if you see that the email has an address where you can reply or a particular web page where you can get a trace of the spam sender. 3.

To know where the spam originates, you can ask your mail reader to show all the headers and see what are listed on the 'Received' lines. Then you can read the messages from the Received lines from top to the end of message. 4. If you have located an offending site and you want to determine their stream provider, you can use the "traceroute" tool.

You can fill in all the information on the traceroute tool so that it can locate the spam stream provider. The traceroute can also be accessed using your local system especially if you are tracing small activity spam operating on your mails. 5. If you have located the spam provider, you can automatically report the spam link provider to spam guard sites. However, you can complain only after repeated attempts to qualify them as spammers. Even those sites that have very good anti spam policies are sometimes unsuccessful in finding the culprits.

To avoid spam, never post your email address on public message boards or to popular newsgroups. Make sure that you disguise your email address on your Web page. According to recent studies, one of the main ways spammers get information is through "scraping" the mails out of Web pages.

Dave Poon is an accomplished writer who specializes in the latest in Internet Safety. For more information regarding Email Anti Spam please drop by at http://www.bye-bye-spam.com/


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