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EBay Sniper Get Items Cheaper and Easier

If you're reading this, you must already know of eBay. Very few people don't. However, you may not be aware of auction snipers, or what they can do for you, so let me define it. An eBay auction sniper places a bid in the final seconds of an auction on your behalf.

You may be saying to yourself that it's no big deal, you can bid yourself no problem. Well, read on, and you'll see all the great benefits to using a bid sniper. The first benefit is convenience. The convenience of setting a snipe ahead of time and not having to be on the computer at auction close to put in a bid.

So the natural question in most people's minds is they can just put in a bid far ahead of closing, no need to do it last-second. If you don't care about overpaying, this is the easiest thing to do. This brings about the second benefit. Bidding far before the end of the auction close does nothing but drive up the price of the item for sale, and is a huge waste of money. When a person puts in a bid in advance, people have the time to bid that little bit higher than they really wanted to because, afterall, another dollar isn't too much. When you have 2-3 people doing this, the price of the item skyrockets and a lot of those little-bit-higher bids adds up fast.

The only people that benefit from this are sellers and eBay(they get a percentage of the final sale price). Getting an item for a cheaper price is the main reason most eBayers use an auction sniper on a regular basis. Still, there is a third benefit that many eBayers love -- your bid is not placed until near auction close, giving you as a buyer time to think over the bid and perhaps cancel the bid if you find one cheaper, or no longer have a need for the item.

Most eBayers have an eBay sniper to give them an advantage over those that do not. You either snipe or get sniped, it's as simple as that. Most people find out after losing out on an item how handy a tool it has become. It can make your eBay experience that much better.

Anthony Kristovich III is the writer of Super Sniper PRO, an eBay auction sniper at http://www.codingcentre.com and manages an article directory at http://www.eArticlesOnline.com.


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