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Awful Truths of Achieving Success Through Affiliate Marketing

There are countless sales letters and Google Adsense advertisements stating how easy it is to earn money through Internet Marketing, particularly as an Affiliate promoting another affiliate product. This may not always be true, especially for someone fresh to the Internet. This article will shred some light on some of the common lines used in advertising materials and the truth behind them. "Spend 1 hr / day, and you'll earn $10,000 per month!" What most people do not realize is that often the above statement applies only AFTER you managed to get your affiliate business up and running, with hundreds of thousands of visitors per month. And to achieve that amount of traffic, you probably have to spend A LOT of time upfront producing content for your online visitors and promoting your website.

Only then when you achieve a certain level of traffic can you afford to spend just 1 hour a day to maintain your site. Even so, you will also risk having your business lag behind in the fast changing business landscape in the Internet. "No experience or knowledge needed to start earning thousands per month!" Yes, it's true that you do not need to have any experience and knowledge to start an online business, but to be successful you will have to start acquiring LOTS of experience and knowledge.

You will have to find information and read up as many articles or eBooks, as possible. Search around for forums to observe discussions on how to make money online. Start building your site and practice what you learnt from what you have read.

Most often than not, information is not hard to find, but there will be SO much that you may experience an information overload, and get stumped. You will have to organize your learning so as to avoid this scenario. "I achieved $10,000 within a month!" If you are totally new to the Internet or do not have any marketing skills, more often that not this is not possible. You probably have seen these kind of testimonials on the sales copy selling Internet Marketing eBooks, secrets or guides.

etc. The people who made these testimonials may not be sprouting nonsense, but you have to realize that most of these guys are already well-versed in Internet Marketing skills, and so can immediately apply the techniques taught in these eBooks to full effect. This is how they can achieve such numbers and within such short time . The statement above may also give you the impression that you can achieve success in 1 month or even weeks. You will probably need more time than that, especially if you are holding to a day time job or other commitments. Conclusion I sincerely hope this article has shred some light on what Affiliate Marketing, or any other Internet-based business, really is, and debunk some of the hype that some of these sales letters have built up in you.

I myself realized what I stated here the hard way, and I do not want you to be "deceived". Do not swing over to other side of the fence though. Affiliate Marketing is definitely one of the easiest ways to earn money online.

If you treat your affiliate business as A BUSINESS and nothing less, you have already increased your chances of success by having the right mindset. For a good start on affiliate marketing, I recommend you check out my review of one of the best and most value for money Affiliate Marketing eBooks available today.

Kai Wei is sharing his online ventures and experiences through his blog at Internet Marketing 4 Noobs to let visitors to get a feel of what building an online business is like. Check out his blog and you may pick up some information you are looking for.


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